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Posted by Ruth on 25 March 2012 | 14 Comments

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I've been eyeing up this pattern for quite some time, not that I'm a patchwork quilter, but still wishing I had some spare time to make up a block or two, just too see how it looked. Today, I finally decided I should just get right to it and as I did, I wrote some notes that might also help you along the way.

The pattern I'm referring to is Anita's "Entwined Star". (PS Antia also teaches this as an online workshop, a great place to ask questions and share your quilt photos too. You can find it here: Entwined Star Online Workshop)

"Entwined Star" designed by Anita Eaton

Of course, the first thing we do is select the fabrics - it's not always easy to decide on the right combination. To guide me I used Anita's pattern tip "Select fabrics of medium and medium light, on a very light background with a dark star point". I pulled a few combinations out of my stash.

Fabric combinations for Entwined Star

I selected one and got to cutting out the pieces - squares, triangles and strips.

Cutting squares, triangles and strips

Now let's start joining these up into units. Since some of the seams are sewn on the bias, when possible, sew with the straight edge on top and the bias edge on the bottom, that way the bias edge is less likely to stretch. If both edges are bias, then spray starch might be a good idea to prevent the seam from stretching. 

One thing I'm never too keen on is drawing that diagonal line through a square when making a snowball corner. What I do instead is stick a piece of tape to the bed of my sewing machine that is exactly inline with the needle. That allows me to align the needle on one corner of the square and the edge of the tape on the opposite corner, then I just sew making sure the point of the square continues along the edge of the tape. Don't take your eye off that corner though, otherwise you will veer to one side and have a crooked stitching line.

Use the tape (blue in the photo) as a guide

I made the three units. This is how they look.

Three units to make the block

When I laid my units out, I realized I'd joined the dark and background triangles around the wrong way. It doesn't make any difference really, as long as they stay consistant throughout the pattern. It only makes the star twist in the opposite direction. Do be careful you place the corner units correctly though. They will be opposite triangles to those in the center unit.

Block layout

I joined the units to finish the star block. That was fun and I love the result.

Star Block from Entwined Star quilt pattern by Anita Eaton

Do you have this pattern? Do you want this pattern? I know for sure, if I had fun making this block, then you will too. 

You can purchase it here as either download or paper pattern: Entwined Star

Yes, you knew I couldn't resist. I had just too much fun that I decided to make another. What colors did I choose this time? Look for the next blog post coming soon with even more helpful tips! Here we go >>

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  • I would love to make this. I've been looking for a new design.

    Posted by Sandy Kellam, 24/10/2017 12:28am (3 months ago)

  • I would like to have this pattern.

    Posted by Joan Schroeder, 22/08/2017 11:44am (5 months ago)

  • The material and the pattern of the quilt is so beautiful, wish I could find this material ♡♡♡

    Posted by Ardyth, 11/06/2017 10:58pm (7 months ago)

  • Beautiful,I want the pattern.

    Posted by Rubysauvageau, 17/02/2017 7:15am (11 months ago)

  • This star is beautiful,and want to make it,

    Posted by ruby, 17/02/2017 7:07am (11 months ago)

  • Yes it is a beautiful star. You can find the pattern here:

    Posted by Ruth, 11/02/2017 1:25pm (11 months ago)

  • Very interesting star. I will want to make this

    Posted by Saundra, 11/02/2017 11:43am (11 months ago)

  • Great colors, pattern appears to be easy.
    looking forward to seeing next pattern

    Posted by jerrie glothon, 29/07/2016 11:53pm (1 year ago)

  • beautiful block. Colors are awesome.

    Posted by Willempje Maldonado, 26/09/2015 5:36pm (2 years ago)

  • beautiful technics

    Posted by Martine Chaigneau, 04/04/2015 4:16am (3 years ago)

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