Challenge Continued with One Last Set of Instructions

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Our challenge continues this week, I hope you're following along with your own block. I can't fathom where the days have gone since the last post - two weeks ago already! So let's see what I've been doing during this time...

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Let's Take a Walk

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Due to a headache all weekend - actually since I came home last week - I thought today it was time to get off devices (as much as I could) and spend some time walking. Equipped with my phone as my camera I set out for a walk. It's a great way to clear one's head and look for quilting inspiration too. Who knows, I might just find the right inspiration for my next artwork.

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July Challenge - another block

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Are you following along? If you need to play catch up, pop back to the beginning of our challenge here: Week one of our July Challenge. We have a week between each set of instructions and they are not complicated so you could easily do them all rather quickly - it certainly won't take a week for each.

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Week Three of Our Challenge

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Just in case you missed our first week's of this challenge, you can find them here:

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Blog Challenge Week 2

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Before I jump into the instructions for this week, let me share what I did last week...

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July 2021 Quilt Challenge

Posted by on 11 July 2021 | 2 Comments

It's been a while since I have held a blog challenge so I thought I'd better rectify that this week - yes for the next few weeks I will challenge you all to join me in this fun activity. I won't make it too difficult and you should have a small quilt by the end of it. Here's how it will work....

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Reset and Rearrange: the why and how

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Sometimes one just needs to reset. Resetting can come in many forms but today it is coming as clearing my space. When I'm creating, I get on a roll and I don't want anything getting in the way. Therefore things get pulled out and aren't put away, threads gathered from their container in case they might be useful, fabric scraps strewn across the table (and bed for that matter) not to mention the floor, things moved to make room for others..... and a bunch of other things!

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Stitching the background of My Art Quilt

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Today I decided to show you my progress on my landscape and include a short video of what I've been doing with some tips along the way. I hope you enjoy it.

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Funny how plans change in an instance. I'd planned to bring you more on my landscape quilt today but then after conversing with one of my teachers this morning, she sent me a vlog recording - I love learning more about anyone I have an acquaintance with, and as Elizabeth says, learning is a really important part of our well-being so I couldn't help myself but take the time to sit down and enjoy the presentation and thus wanted to share that instead.

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Do you get stuck or simply bogged down?

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Do you ever get bogged down and can't seem to make progress? I've felt like that the last couple of weeks. I've made some progress on my landscape quilt but not nearly enough. With way too many other things to do and simply feeling a bit off my game, quilting hasn't come easily. I came within inches of my sewing machine to continue a good number of times, but then something or someone pulled me away....

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