A lasting work of art is both beautiful AND intriguing

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A lasting work of art is both beautiful AND intriguing.... abstraction is the way to go!!!

chain cross scaled"My five year old could have painted that!!" NO way!!! Abstract art is rich, complex and fascinating. Especially the female abstract arts who have only recently been "discovered" and honored by the art world at large.

But how and where to begin designing an abstract work?

A close study of many of the paintings yields many many ways to design. And they're beautiful too. and fresh!!! you haven't seen them in every other quilt magazine!!!

In Elizabeth's online workshop "Abstract Art for Quiltmakers", she shows you how to design well from the outset, you don't have lots of wasted fabric, or frustrating moments when making a quilt that just doesn't seem to work.

Based on a sound knowledge of what makes a good design, and a great color scheme, your new work will be exciting and rewarding from the start.

Designs can be simple or complex making Elizabeth's workshop suitable for all levels of quilters although some sewing experience will be very helpful.

the house in the woods scaled

Highlight of Elizabeth's Workshop: There are so many wonderful abstract paintings that inspire you to design. Elizabeth has taken many of them, analyzed just how they were created, and shows you with multiple exercises how to design your own. You will end up with enough designs for a whole year of quiltmaking!

You'll find more of Elizabeth's inspiring abstract quilts when you click the Teacher Gallery Tab here.... 

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