A Spectacular Waterfall - Hidden Falls

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Recently I asked Linda Schmidt what she had been working and she showed me a photo of her lovely "Hidden Falls". Wow, how magnificent is this?

hidden falls 2018

Hidden Falls

How did she come up with such a beautiful quilt? "It's based on a memory from a recent trip to Kauai. We kayaked down a river for a couple of miles, then hiked back through the jungle," she commented. "The only animals we saw and heard were roosters and a kitten, though. I did put a giant rooster on the back!".

hidden falls back

Hidden Falls back

Linda's beautiful work and techniques are outstanding and what's so fortunate for us is she teaches her techniques online so you can create the most realistic pieces too. Two classes that come to mind are Elements in Fabric and Waves & Waterfalls either would soon have you creating a beautiful quilt like hers. In fact, the next session of Elements in Fabric is due to start very soon, check it out below! (or if you'd prefer to wait a while, Waves & Waterfalls begins in March) 

To find out more about Linda and her online workshops, visit her at https://www.academyofquilting.com/faculty/linda-schmidt/ or join our newsletter below to hear when workshops begin.

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