An Illusion of Curves

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Last week I was playing with curves, in fact, I created a video showing you how to cut them for curved piecing. This week I'll show you a different way to make curves. Actually, it's an illusion of curves. You see Bargello Swirls appears to be curved - well you would think so being circular, but it is all straight piecing so much easier than you think. Using your rotary cutter and rulers, you never sew a curved seam.

Bargello Swirl

Bargello Swirl is a popular pattern which gives you all the instructions on how to complete a wonderful quilt, however, my online workshop ("Circular Bargello") gives you so much more. I made a preview of the process so you can get a quick glimpse.

Preview of creating a Circular Bargello

..... and a preview of some past students work as well.

Preview of past students work in Circular Bargello

So you see, pieced curves don't have to be complicated and an illusion of curves can be created. If you'd like to learn how, join me in my online class "Circular Bargello". Together we will learn about selecting the right fabrics, ordering them and piecing a circular bargello to create your next masterpiece.

About Circular Bargello: A Bargello? Yes it is! This is not your standard Bargello but circular instead. But you do all the cutting with a rotary cutter and rulers just like any other patchwork project. This online workshop will show you how to select and order your fabrics, cut, sew and use a wedge rule to create a spiraling illusion, then move on to the finishing touches including edging, quilting and borders to bring it all together. Afraid of all those small pieces? Don't be - this design is strip pieced. No circles or arches to cut, all straight piecing. Join our class and find out how much easier it is to make than it looks. Read More...

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