Bedazzled and bamboozled by color?

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Bedazzled and bamboozled by color? Consider a class! Once you know the basics of color theory, color choices become so much any medium.

Avoid simple technical errors and focus on your creativity and art. Don't waste your medium. (which does NOT mean "don't murder the spiritualist!")

In quilting, in particular, cutting a big piece of expensive fabric in the "wrong" color can prove costly! As well as time-consuming and frustrating.

Elizabeth helps you to learn all about color and how to use it in her recently written online workshop. Learn the most effective ways to use color in your artwork whether that be quilting, fiber, embroidery, painting or any other creative work, even gardening!

The different properties such as value and saturation, hue and temperature, are clearly explained and demonstrated so that you learn how to use them to create contrasts that enhance your subject. Several ways to create color schemes are discussed... schemes that fit the mood and ambiance that you want to create.

How and what does color communicate......a Red Flag? A Green company? a black outfit?.... What do they communicate?.

Do you know what you are saying? Can you say it more effectively?

AND.....Learn how to manipulate sequences of color to create special effects!!

Make all your colors really work for you!

Elizabeth's workshop is heavy on videos for those who are visual learners, but there is plenty of text too for lovers of the written word. Find out more "The Color Course".

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Winter Rooftops By Elizabeth Barton

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