Creating Designs Based on Abstract Art

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Elizabeth has written classes about how to be inspired by and create designs based on abstract art. You can take one class or any order...they are quite the one that starts this Friday "More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers" focusses on some of the best known and most influential abstract artists.

visionPeople disagree as to a definition of abstract art - it's a very wide field....for the idea of abstracting means different things to different people and artists have exploited and explored many different avenues. You probably won’t like them all! …but it’s useful to have a broad idea of the field as a whole. And Elizabeth is sure you find some that you really like.

The first lessons look at the fascinating history of the beginning of abstract art in Europe, and then the removal of the creativity to New York City - mainly as a result of WWII. Also because of the genius of one or two really influential people in NYC at that time.

The course also addresses the benefits and meaning of abstract work, the abstract art form we know as music, and the abstract art of the 21st century.

And every week there are exercises to show you how to create your own designs - Elizabeth loves to get people sketching (you don't need to be able to draw!!) out ideas for quilts!! She can help you evaluate your designs...and when you're ready she'll go over the steps necessary in working from the sketch to create the quilt.

It so good to discover a lot of new ways of coming up with designs for quilts...and there's a ton of them in this class!

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Elizabeth's two classes are "Abstract Art for Quiltmakers" (starts August) and "More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers" (starting this week). Both have plenty of learning exercises and Elizabeth is right there to guide you, answer your questions and give suggestions every step of the way.

You can also find out about Elizabeth's other online workshops here: About Elizabeth Barton

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