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"Don't be bamboozled, but above all, don't be boring.... in anything!".

I asked Elizabeth Barton to tell me about her Color Course....

"We are so often amazed, but also seduced by color in our inspirational photographs. Which colors to choose when we start to plan a quilt? or a painting? Can we use them all? Should we use them all?

The wrong color can ruin a piece... we've all done it!in a green shade

How can you "steal" that color from the photo and use it in your artwork?

Everybody loves color, everyone is seduced by it.... everybody uses it... and a lot of people have trouble with it. I remember one of my Dad's aphorisms (he was a mountain of walking aphorisms!!) was "Fire is a good servant but a poor master". Well, the same could be said of color: a good servant, but a poor master. Used well and your artwork is stunning, evocative, inspiring and satisfying. Used badly and it destroys the artwork... it dies in a blaze of meaningless color! or withers for lack of it...

My color course (starting on Valentine's Day at the covers a wide range of topics related to color in order to help you get a quick, clear and lasting understanding of how color works and how to make the right choices for your art. It's not unnecessarily technical, nor does it cover the history of color theory, rather it deals with how to use it well...

I examine the different properties of color - for example how to differentiate between three reds or yellows... why they differ and why you might want to use one rather than another."

I explore several ways of deriving good strong beautiful color schemes. How to create illusions and special effects. How to create an atmosphere....

There's a unit on the meaning of colors, and how they affect (or don't!) us psychologically.

Most importantly there are Lots of exercises... so you can learn by DOING!"

.... Elizabeth Barton

Don't you love it when you can share one of your parent's aphorisms? I have to say, Elizabeth's workshop is awesome and if you have any questions at all, about color, then you certainly won't after this course. More details below!

The Color CourseAll your questions on Color from veteran teacher/designer Elizabeth Barton will be answered in this course which is applicable to many different mediums: fiber, paint, ceramics…. even landscape gardening! If the course data doesn't cover it, then take the opportunity to ask in the class forum. Elizabeth will be right there to make suggestions, support you and guide you on all there is to know about color. Read more...


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