How to Draw a Flying Geese Border in Perspective

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Amazing designs can come about when you draw in perspective and it isn't as hard as you might think. Anita Eaton teaches an online workshop for simply that, "Perspective in Quilting" and today she is offering a free short tutorial on how to draw a Flying Geese Border in perspective. If this whets your appetite for perspective creations, then wait till you see her workshop!

Anita's Tutorial on Perspective

The first step is to figure out the size of the border remembering to add 1/4" seams at the sides and the ends. Note: This is the size of the center of the quilt and the width of one border. If you are working with a square all the borders will be the same size. If you are working with a rectangle you will have two long borders and two short borders so there will need to be more blocks for the longer borders however the same process is used for both sizes.

Next, draw the border to the length and width you have determined. Draw 1/4" outside the border to include the seams.

Decide on the number of blocks and draw them within the border area.

Draw a center line down the length of the border.

fg border center line

draw center line

Now draw a triangle from the center line at one end of the border to the outer edge of the block at the other end of the border. Repeat for the other side.

fg 1 pt perspective

draw point perspective

Draw triangles in each block, from the center point at the top of the block to the seam lines at the bottom of the block.

fg draw geese

draw triangles

Continue to draw the triangles until the border is complete. Make copies for the other borders.

fg graduated blocks

continue to draw flying geese

This is how it looks around the quilt.

fg layout

the completed layout

The easiest and most precise way of assembling these borders is to foundation piece them. This is the link to the tutorial on foundation piecing:

 - Anita Eaton

I used this same technique to create "In a Distance".

in a distance

"In a Distance" by Ruth

About Anita's online workshop "Perspective in Quilting": Perspective in Quilting is a four-lesson workshop exploring the various forms of perspective for use in art quilts from realistic to abstract images. Use of texture, color, line, and optical illusions to create depth in the quilt is the main feature of the class which also includes some options for displaying the final art quilt. One on one help from the instructor to design your own original quilt will be available throughout the class sessions. Find out more...

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