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Have you ever thought of enrolling in Elizabeth Barton's abstract workshops? She has two, Abstract Art for Quiltmakers and More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers. Where the structure of these classes are the same, the lessons and exercises are very different. The intro of the second workshop sums itself up very well!

In five lessons, this class explores many aspects of abstract art. In my first Abstract art for Quiltmakers class we looked at the lives and work, ideas and processes, of female abstract artists, artists often overlooked. In this class, More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers, I focus on the best known and most influential abstract artists, regardless of whether they are male or female, though (in the way of things!) most of them will be male. First: some definitions of abstract art – there are many, because there are several different kinds of abstraction. The idea of abstracting means different things to different people and artists have exploited and explored many different avenues. You probably won’t like them all! I don’t either…but it’s useful to have a broad idea of the field as a whole.

We’ll begin by looking at the history of abstract art beginning in Europe around a hundred years ago.

Each subsequent week I’ll focus on a different area e.g. Abstract art in New York City, the benefits and meaning of abstract work, the abstract art form we know as music, and the abstract art of the 21st century.

More importantly, each of the lessons will also include several exercises which you can follow in order to create your own abstract art. You will be able to post some of your design sketches, and I can help you evaluate them, and make them stronger. And we’ll discuss the steps necessary in working from your sketches to create the quilt. I’ll be always available to help you make the designs and the quilts more interesting and more beautiful.

Here's a fun slideshow presenting some of past student's work.

Student's work from "More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers"

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