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I love reading about how things came about... what started the whole "modern quilt" movement and how is it related to improvisational designs?

Knowing the origins of an art movement both makes it more interesting but also helps you to understand and create similar work.

oculusTowards the end of the 20th century, a new generation of quilters came along: younger people who were looking for a way to enjoy quilt making that was simpler, cleaner, faster… more in keeping with the design aesthetics shown by contemporary objects such as the “Apple” computers. They were looking for iQuilts! Fresh interpretations of old patterns in a simpler way.

And so, the “modern quilt” became a new style in quilting, a movement predominantly spread via the internet and various social media.

The modern quilt movement has grown rapidly and a whole new generation of quilting has begun with Modern Quilt Guilds being formed all over. It was said that “In many ways, art quilters paved the way for modern quilters.” The art quilt movement opened up the idea of making a quilt of any design you liked, any subject matter, in any way. There is an emphasis on creativity as well as freedom – it is not just about the “craft” of quilt making, but also about the art.

Freedom from following other people’s patterns is very important in art quilts and is the keystone to their success.

Following this logic, I developed an online workshop "Mod Meets Improv" to help quilters join the modern quilt movement. My aim is to try to bridge the gap between following a modern quilt pattern and devising your own. In each lesson, I create several modern patterns for you and then give you the instructions to make your own similar patterns. So in every lesson you should have 4 or 5 ideas of mine (that you are very welcome to make as is or change in any way), but, more importantly, you will also have 4 or 5 new designs of your own – which (I hope) will be much more fun to make!

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About Mod Meets Improv: Modern quilts are fun and this workshop will show you how quick and easy they are to make, but that's not all, they have an elegant simplicity in keeping with the contemporary look. Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction and can lead to fun unexpected results! This workshop is written for all levels - even if you've never quilted before! Yet there is enough challenge that even the more experienced quilter will want to join in AND those longing to get out of the traditional rut!

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