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Have you ever taken an online quilting mystery workshop? They sure can be a lot of fun as you work your way through them. I've written a couple of these and I have to say, neither is only about the mystery. Both workshops include a lot of learning as well. My most recent mystery is based on art quilting definitely written for those quilters who would like to dabble in art quilts but unsure where to start or art quilters who just want a bit of fun in designing and creating.

One of the techniques I teach in my Art Quilt mystery is Freezer Paper piecing and applique. Freezer Paper has many wonderful uses in the world of quilting. It can be used as templates for piecing, as a paper backing on fabric to write or print on, as iron-on templates for applique and stencils for quilting, for foundation piecing and English paper piecing, as a stabilizer for machine embroidery or satin stitch and to use as sticky labels when labeling our cut pieces or sorting out your selection of fabrics. Many many uses! Freezer Paper is one of the easiest methods I know for piecing curves! 

The following is a short tutorial, including a video that I've pulled from my workshop about preparing your pieces to start the Freezer Paper technique.

Preparing Your Pieces

You will need your design drawn on the dull side of the freezer paper.

Make sure all your sections are labeled, and for piecing, also add connecting lines. Note: Details for cutting up, labeling and adding connecting lines are given in one of the sections of this workshop.

simple design with connecting lines

Labels and Connecting Lines

You can either use your ruler if you have straight-line cuts OR free-form which can be used for either straight or curved lines. The choice is yours.

Once your Freezer paper is cut into sections you are ready to learn both piecing and applique techniques. The amount you leave for seam allowances varies between techniques. 

Set your iron to a Cotton setting and press the shiny side of the Freezer Paper to the WRONG side of the fabric leaving at least 1/4" of fabric beyond the Freezer paper - 1/2" is better. Press only for 2-3 seconds. This should be sufficient to make the Freezer paper stick. Note: I trim the seam allowance back to 1/4" as I add each piece and always leave at least 1/2" or more on any outside edge.

You can use scissors or rotary cutter for cutting out your sections, however, always use the rotary cutter and ruler for straight lines if straight lines matter to you.

Watch the video below to see me cutting out sections in preparation to start piecing or applique.

Preparing my pieces

My workshop goes on to explain the full technique.... and other techniques you may want to learn as you work through my mystery class. By the end of it, you will have designed and created your very own unique small art quilt that can be framed or bordered and hung up or given away as a gift. If you'd like to know more about this online workshop visit: Mystery Art Quilt workshop

Happy Quilting!

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