Portraits or Pets?

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How exciting to see some of the students that have taken "Pets with Personality" class with Marilyn Lee using the technique taught in the class to create amazing portrait quilts! One student McCrae created this beautiful portrait of her granddaughter. Look at the wonderful array of colors she has used in this exceptional piece.

MaCrae Wellman Putnam

Another piece McCrae made was of Sophie Sue and this is her first attempt at thread painting!

McCrae Sophie Sue

Marilyn's online workshop is sensational. These are just two pieces from one student, there are many more too from other students. The beauty of this class is you can make as many quilts as you like using this technique so if you want to make a quilt of your own personal pet or two or three, you definitely want to learn Marilyn's technique.... For those of you interested, you can find out all about her workshop here "Pets With Personality".

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