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Happy to say that Elizabeth Barton, one of our teachers, has recently had several quilts purchased by the City of Atlanta for their public libraries...  including an abstract quilt. Elizabeth has two abstract quilt classes one of which is Abstract Art for Quiltmakers (starts Friday) that focusses on women abstract painters. The class covers a lot of ground for there are many different kinds of abstraction

swimmer copyStudents can expect to create many different abstract designs. While this is primarily a design class, construction is addressed in the last lesson. The course is divided into five lessons:

In Lesson One, definitions of abstract art, discovering abstract artists and looking at your own work in the light of abstraction.

In Lesson Two, the beginnings of abstract art will be considered...and what it meant to those making it. And then! how to begin designing your own abstract work - step by step instructions, so don’t worry!

Lesson three looks at geometric abstraction - this is very similar to the basis for many traditional quilt patterns. It's interesting to see how painters addressed this same topic, and find out what we can learn from them.

Lesson Four explodes with color! Many people love to work just from color, so let’s see just how that is done.

And the final lesson will cover construction, putting it all together, critiquing and finishing. How to choose which of your many designs? How to evaluate them. A simple way to choose fabrics for your quilt. Construction, quilting patterns that support rather than argue with your design and all the finishing touches.

Do not worry about not being able to draw like an artist - as long as you can write letters, you will be able to sketch as much as you need for this class.

Elizabeth is happy to answer any questions you might have about the class: contact her at elizabethmasterclass@gmail.com

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More about Abstract Art for QuiltmakersThis class is stuffed with exercises for designing many different kinds of abstract quilts… plus a great introduction to the wonderful abstract paintings of female painters so often overlooked.  You will end up with enough designs for a whole year of quiltmaking! All levels are welcome - designs can be simple or complex - though some sewing experience will be very helpful. Read more...

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