What Do These Three Quilts Have in Common?

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Here are three quilts I've made in the past. What do you think they all have in common - other than I made them?

native nz

Native New Zealand



cherry blossom

Cherry Blossoms

They certainly have my signature for love of machine quilting and free-motion, yet my adoration for applique and bargello are not consistent in all.

"Inspiration through competition/challenge" is the answer. They were all inspired by competition or challenges which is a great place to find inspiration for creating. Usually, some of the initial or key factors are taken care of for us such as fabric choice, color, size or theme.

This is just one place to find inspiration. My workshop "Getting Started with Quilt Art" explains a whole lot more including nature, family or friends, masonry, sound, shape, color, photos.... just to name a few.

There are many forms of inspiration around us, many of which we may not even be aware of. Use your senses to discover and thoughts to explore, think beyond what you see and your creations will be unique and exciting. I'd love to help you with your journey.

About Getting Started with Quilt Art: This class will give you starting points for several different areas in Quilt Art. From finding inspiration and color coordinating, to straight piecing landscapes, applique and progressing to more advanced work of shading, shadows, and threadwork. Develop a background, add your own ideas and get inspiration from others in the class. During the whole workshop, you will make several small quilts that you can display as framed artwork or keep as a collection for reference. All your work will be unique and different from other students in the class, yet their work will give you added inspiration and creative ideas. With lifetime access, you can't go wrong. Find out more...


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