What's Modern and Improvisational Quilting?

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Have you ever wanted to learn about modern quilts? Elizabeth has a great online workshop "Mod Meets Improv" to teach you. She explains a little more about her workshop and this new way of quilting...

This is a great class if you ever wanted to know what "modern" quilts were about.

AND it also covers improvisational - i.e. free hand - cutting and piecing and makes good use of the type of lines you get from this approach.  

You can be straight if you like... but it's much more fun to be curvy!!

And in this class you can be curvy and relaxed too!!!  You learn how to design... but you don't need to be able to draw... if you can write your name, you're good to go!

I want you to have fun... but also to learn a lot without really having to put forth much effort, just relaxing into the flow of it.

~ Elizabeth Barton (visit her blog)

And here is an example of some of her amazing work!

iona landscape 2 in process 1

Iona Landscape

chain cross no chain border

Chain Cross

2 value construction paper design

Two Value Construction

More about "Mod Meets Improv" workshop: Lots of ideas for you to make, lots of ways for you to create your own designs, no fussy templates or piecing! Modern quilts are fun – they’re quick and easy to make, but also have an elegant simplicity in keeping with the contemporary look. Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction and can lead to fun unexpected results! Written for all levels - even if you've never quilted before! Yet there is enough challenge that even the more experienced quilter will want to join in AND those longing to get out of the traditional rut! Read more...

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