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I realized a couple of weeks ago that 2021 means I have been teaching online for 20 years. Over this time I have written numerous lessons and tutorials plus 26 workshops for all sorts of techniques. Over the next few weeks, my plan is to review some of these workshops. Today I'm going to start with the very first one I wrote and the very last one. This will give you an idea of how the workshops have transformed over the years.

The very first workshop I wrote was Poppin Poppies. It debuted at Quilt University in 2001 and lots of students have signed up for it, both physically and online. The design was created after I was teaching physically some years earlier in my local town where some of my students or potential students wanted a 3-d applique workshop.

poppin poppies

Poppin Poppies

This workshop starts by looking at color combinations and creating a backdrop for the poppies. Techniques for this can be simplified by simply using a good colored fabric instead of a pieced one or advanced by following the instructions for half-square triangles or half rectangular triangles - the latter shown in the photo. After that, we move onto the real fun of creating 3-d petals and leaves. With added embroidery, it really gives each piece character and shape. Although this workshop does not have any video footage, it is still a lot of fun especially when we get together in the forum sharing ideas and thoughts. It's definitely a fun creation! The small quilt finishes about 20" x 15" in size.

You can find out more about this workshop here: Poppin Poppies (this month we have 30% off this workshop!) or if you prefer just the pattern, you can find that here: Poppy Day

My very latest workshop is my Mystery Art Quilt class which debuted June 2018 at academyofquilting.com.... so yes, it's been a while since I put together a new workshop. Although I do have one in progress some reasons for the delay are: when I moved house soon after my mystery debuted I discovered the area was not suited for video creation due to a lot of construction noise. Hopefully, this year will see me progress onward as most houses are constructed in my immediate area.... and then, of course, covid happened which meant I took on a new role so my time was very limited.

Mystery Art Quilt

Mystery Art Quilt Workshop

My Mystery art quilt class is quite unique and unlike Poppin Poppies has 20 videos included. You not only learn several techniques as you work along but capture your thought process which elevates your creativity. Often, this leads you onto unknown fields of learning, some of which you will continue with, others you will come back to and visit later. At each step, you have choices and I invite you into my studio to show you my thought process so you gain further ideas of what you may or may not wish to include..... and don't fear if you do get stuck, I'm right there in the forum to help you.

Of course, I cannot show you any real photos of the workshop otherwise that will give away the mysterious fun of it.

So whether you just want a fun course to create something new and mysterious.... or whether you want to learn some new techniques.... or whether you need to come up with some new creative quilt designs, this workshop is for you.... and the wonderful thing is, you can reset the program to begin over again as many times as you like.

More details about this workshop are here: Mystery Art Quilt Workshop (be sure to look for the promotional code for a discount!)

I've had fun looking back and now I feel this has set me up for my 2021 goals. How about you?

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