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I'm working hard to get my landscape applique in place. With heading down south at the end of the week, I'd really like all the applique done and pressed down - there is no way I'll get it stitched as well, but I will have my older Bernina with me for the second part of my trip so intend doing some stitching while away.

So this week is all about getting the layers of trees in place. Lots of fusible webbing, lots of cutting, lots of pressing, and here are a few pictures of my progress.

landscape progress1

A few further adjustments to the trunks

I fused three green fabrics and then starting with the darkest, I cut curvy shapes and lay them behind, in front of, and away from the trunks.

landscape progress2

Darkest green added

Thinking about the sun, I decided to swap some of the thicker pieces for thinner ones around the location that the sun will be in.

landscape progress3

Swapping pieces around somewhat

And then I added the next darkest green.

landscape progress4

Medium green added

Definitely need more of the medium green.... and will need more of the lighter one too, but made a start on the light fabric to get an idea of how much I'd need.

landscape progress5

Added some light green.... and a branch.

I feel it is too dense so played around a bit before fusing some more fabric - both the medium and light greens - and I also fused fabric for the sun as well as a fourth much brighter green.

landscape progress6

More fabrics added including the sun and the trees are more open

Getting enough distance to view my work is rather difficult in my workroom. My design wall is flat which would mean I'd need to be peering down from a great height - I can't lift the design at this stage either, otherwise all my pieces will fall off so the best solution is to take a photo. You get a much better view as it is more distant.... and in doing so, I see where I need to make a few adjustments for example near the sides of the piece... an easy fix - move the greens from the left over to the right and trim down the left so it ends at the trunk.

landscape progress8

Almost there

One or two more adjustments and then I'll be ready to press in place. I can't wait to start stitching!

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  • Thanks, I've used Wonderunder here but any light-weight fusible that can easily be stitched through is suitable. Heavy fusible can gum up your needle and machine so don't use those.

    Posted by Ruth, 11/05/2021 1:38pm (1 day ago)

  • looks wonderful, what type of fusible are you using?

    Posted by shoshana , 11/05/2021 11:29am (2 days ago)

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