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Before I jump into the instructions for this week, let me share what I did last week...

First up... I picked a block, both the dahlia and poinsettia appealed to me the most, so I decided to put them both aside and choose the Bird of Paradise to give myself more of a challenge - I can't make it too easy for myself!

bird of paradise block

Bird of Paradise block

Selecting fabrics was fun and I even found a few I'd used in the actual block that I'd created back in 2013 - who would have thought I'd still have some especially after moving back to New Zealand as many of my fabrics didn't come with me. Here is a photo of the fabrics and threads I thought would be good for this challenge.

blog challenge fabricsandthreads

My fabrics and threads for this challenge

I choose orange and purple which were used in the flower itself and some greens for the leaves. I then pulled light colored fabrics as I needed something for the background. I didn't have the original white on white I used in the block but I'm sure these will work. I also found suitable light colored threads that should work with them.

I'm please to see Jennifer joining in with this challenge too. She chose a fabric square for this challenge so I'm sure she is going to have heaps of fun. You can find out what she is doing on her blog here: Jennifer's blog post.

If you missed the first part, check back here: Part One of the Challenge

Rules for Week Two

If you are using a fabric square, cut out the size you want to use plus seam allowances - say 12-1/2" for a 12" finished block. For a block, simply know what your measurement is so we can begin this week's jouney.

Grab a piece of paper and cut out a 2-3" square from the middle. If you have one of those little square rulers that will work great! If not, any ruler will work. Fold the paper in half through the square and cut it out so you do not have any cuts through to the outside.

Now manauver the cut out section over your block until you find an interesting section to reproduce. Something like this...

It could be all leaves or all flower or a combination of both, just make it interesting :)

Once you have selected a section reproduce it as a line drawing either by hand or by computer (I use Inkscape - free to download - which I teach in my online workshop Free Software for Quilters) Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect.

After you have your line drawing, enlarge it to fit a 4-1/2" square... that's about 1.5 times it's original size when using a 3" cut out section. You are going to create it as a block using similar colors... remember you'll need seam allowances so add 1/2" for those before starting. You can applique it, piece it or even foundation piece it if you wish. 

If you have any questions, drop me a note and I'll get back to you asap. I'm looking forward to what you create!


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