Challenge Continued with One Last Set of Instructions

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Our challenge continues this week, I hope you're following along with your own block. I can't fathom where the days have gone since the last post - two weeks ago already! So let's see what I've been doing during this time...

If you remember, the next set of rules were to line stitch our last block (3rd small block) and join all the blocks together. However, before I got started with the math, I decided that I wanted to frame each of my blocks with a tiny border. I used a 1/2" border for my larger block and 1/4" borders (cut 3/4") for the small blocks.

birdofparadise border

Bird of Paradise block with 1/2" border

birdofparadise bordered small blocks

Small blocks with 1/4" borders

An easy way to move my blocks around to decide on their positioning is by using my cutting mat as a gridded guide.

challenge blocks with borders

The cutting mat can be used as a grid to arrange the block.

I could easily do this on my computer too, using Inkscape (open-source software I teach how to use in my online class) or I could even use EQ8 since I also have this software.  

Since I haven't used EQ8 much to demonstrate here on my blog, I thought I should make use of today - perhaps I'll even make a blog post in the future of how I went about setting up the file. In the meantime, watch this short video showing you how easy it is for me to move my blocks around. I can easily come up with a setting and in doing so determine the size pieces I will need to join the blocks together. 

Using EQ8 to align my blocks and determine size of background sections to cut

After the setting is decided - choosing one was the hardest decision as there are so many possibilities - I was able to click on each section and jot down the size I needed for the background sections. Of course, I'll need to add 1/2" seam allowances before cutting.

While doing this exercise, I came up with a whole new design that I'm going to make available at a later date so I'm not actually going to show you my finished layout just yet, but here are all the background pieces cut ready to stitch together. 

challenge background pieces

background pieces cut out ready to join my blocks

After piecing all the bits together, borders added and quilt layered, I can finally line stitch my 3rd block as well as stitch down my applique pieces on the other two blocks.

birdofparadise stitched block1

Block 1 stitched

birdofparadise stitched block2

Block 2 stitched

birdofparadise stitched block3

Block 3 line stitches

Whew, that was a lot of work but I made it. How did you get on?

One Last Set of Rules

It's time to quilt your challenge piece. The challenge for this part is to try and include at least 3 different designs or styles of quilting. Have fun!

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