Do you get stuck or simply bogged down?

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Do you ever get bogged down and can't seem to make progress? I've felt like that the last couple of weeks. I've made some progress on my landscape quilt but not nearly enough. With way too many other things to do and simply feeling a bit off my game, quilting hasn't come easily. I came within inches of my sewing machine to continue a good number of times, but then something or someone pulled me away....

So today I'm going to share some photos of what I have done to date, and then take time to actually get to my sewing machine to make some valid progress without interruption! I'll add that progress (later today or tomorrow) at the end of this post.

Last blog post progress:

landscape quilting sky half completed

Where I finished off last blog post


To date progress: process I've made since the photo above till today - not much I'm afraid!

landscape background sky around sun

Background stitching around the sun

landscape background sky stitching complete

Sky stitching is completed

landscape background ground dark thread

Dark variegated thread to being the ground section

landscape background ground dark stitching

Made a start on the darker areas of the ground

By the way, the techniques I'm using for this project are all going to be added to my online workshop "Getting Started with Quilt Art". One section in the class already covers landscapes using a different technique so this will definitely enhance that section. 

Some more progress photos for the following day!

landscape background ground dark stitching finished

the remaining dark ground is finished

landscape background ground light thread

variegated thread for the light ground section was chosen

landscape background stitching light

light area of ground has been started


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