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Funny how plans change in an instance. I'd planned to bring you more on my landscape quilt today but then after conversing with one of my teachers this morning, she sent me a vlog recording - I love learning more about anyone I have an acquaintance with, and as Elizabeth says, learning is a really important part of our well-being so I couldn't help myself but take the time to sit down and enjoy the presentation and thus wanted to share that instead.

The presentation teaches you a lot about Elizabeth's journey as an artist, not only as a quilter but also as one who creates watercolors. I've pulled just a few of my favorite pieces, yet there are many many more I could have chosen. Buildings or structures inspire a lot of her quilts...

elizabeth barton quilt

seen at 12:32 in the video

elizabeth barton quilt age cannot wither

Age Cannot Wither seen at 36:19

When it comes to Elizabeth's watercolors, I particularly like her trees and I think this might be my favorite which is around 1:20:20 in the video

elizabeth barton watercolor1

And I have to admit, some beautiful things did happen in 2020 like this watercolor (1:23:36)elizabeth barton watercolor2

Her trees start around 1:19:25 in the video..... you have to view them all.

There are many musings throughout the presentation and I have to admit, I had a little giggle when she mentions me and refers to me as her 'boss' around 26:15 in the video, but it is interesting to know how she got started in online classes and when she obtained her domain name elizabethbarton.com

So grab a cuppa or a wine, sit back, relax and enjoy the entire presentation... 

You can find out more about Elizabeth's online workshops (she has 11 at the academyofquilting.com - several of which have recently been updated) here: Elizabeth's online workshops

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