Free Motion Quilting my Landscape

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Before heading off on my trip, I carefully rolled up my applique landscape and packaged it in my suitcase ready for travel. I also bundled together a few threads that I thought I'd use. I'm now ready to pull it out and continue working on it but before I do, I need to think a bit about how I want to stitch it and I definitely want to warm up my skills.

Time is of the essence today so I may not even get to the quilt, but I'll definitely play with some ideas. I have plenty of quilt designs and video tutorials in my Machine Quilting workshop so I'll start there looking for inspiration.

Here is a video on how I warm up before starting any free-motion quilting. It helps me decide if I have the fabrics layered correctly and the threads and machine are working as they should.

Warming up

I did my warm up and then played with some ideas for tree trunks as I wanted to create some sort of texture on them.

free motion trunk design

trunk design

I'll probably use horizontal lines for the background - maybe similar without it all being filled in to create small fluffy cloud formations.

free motion cloud design

cloud designs

For the larger areas of green in the trees, I made use something like this small leaf design. I does need to be a continuous design as I wouldn't want to stop and start all the time.

free motion leaf design

leaf design

I still need to practice these designs using the threads I'm intending to use on the actual quilt but at least I have a few ideas to get me started. As I work I'm sure to think of other ideas to include as often one thing leads to another.

One last note for this week.... while I was on the hunt for my demo video above, I found this little video demoing some of the quilting techniques I used in my workshop so thought I'd include it too.

Machine Quilting preview

For more about my online quilting workshop follow this link over to Machine Quilting online workshop

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