July 2021 Quilt Challenge

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It's been a while since I have held a blog challenge so I thought I'd better rectify that this week - yes for the next few weeks I will challenge you all to join me in this fun activity. I won't make it too difficult and you should have a small quilt by the end of it. Here's how it will work....

Each week I will set some guidelines for you to follow and then the following week before I set the new guidelines, I'll show you what I did. I always think it is better to show you what I did afterward so your creative thoughts are your own. Of course, if you get stuck drop me a note and I will help get you started or suggest some ideas that will help in the process. This challenge is going to be based on a readymade block or if you don't have one suitable, simply a piece of fabric.

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Challenge Week One

This week is all about gathering materials to work with. Here's what you will need:

•  An unfinished block around 10-14" square - An applique block would work best as this is what I'll design the challenge around but if you are feeling extra brave, you can try a patchwork block. Who knows, it might just work out. If you don't have a block to use, you could also use a fabric square of the same size - make it a scenic one or floral or some sort of design as this is going to be your focus.

•  Looking at your block or fabric square, whichever you chose to work with, gather some fabrics that match the colors in it. If you made the block yourself, you might find some of the fabrics you used. Add to them - the more the better remembering you don't need to use them all, but having a selection is always good. You should have enough of one fabric to frame your block and for binding, the rest can be scraps.

•  You'll need a background fabric to complement your block. You want a decent amount - probably .5 yard/meter or more - if you are short of fabric for this, try using the same colored fabrics that have the same value.

•  Collect threads that might work for the fabrics you have gathered - they can match or contrast the fabrics or select some of each.

•  Of course, you'll need your general quilting supplies as well as batting and anything else you feel you might use.

To finish off this week, here's a hint of what I'm doing. I have a selection of flower blocks from my 2013 collection not used yet. I've picked out three but am yet to decide which one it will be.

Which one do you think I should select? I like the idea of the poinsettia which I think could turn nicely into a Christmas quilt, but check back next week to see if this is the one I decide on....and remember, drop me a note below if you have any questions. Happy Quilting!

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  • Virginia, I love how the Dahlia speaks to you - it was also the first block that caught my eye.... but isn't it amazing when you see something that gives you that huge sense of confidence and excitement, not to mention direction, knowing it's perfect for what you need, no matter what it might be.... and even more so when you don't know what is instore or where this adventure will take you? Love it!

    Posted by Ruth, 14/07/2021 1:46pm (12 months ago)

  • The Poinsettia block is nice but I favor the Dahlia block. It speaks to me. ????

    Posted by Virginia , 14/07/2021 8:01am (12 months ago)

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