Let's Take a Walk

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Due to a headache all weekend - actually since I came home last week - I thought today it was time to get off devices (as much as I could) and spend some time walking. Equipped with my phone as my camera I set out for a walk. It's a great way to clear one's head and look for quilting inspiration too. Who knows, I might just find the right inspiration for my next artwork.

I headed out hard and fast to the top of the hill - it was pleasant to see they had finished the pavement on my side of the street so I didn't need to cross the road. It has been a few months since I've trekked up there and it was amazing to see how much development has happened in such a short time. Looking hard in the distance, you can see the sky tower! (I indicated it with the red arrow)

blog thomas road hill

Looking North toward Auckland city

I took a breather for just a few moments then headed back down in a different direction from home to the outskirts of Murphy's Bush. On my way, I snapped a shot of this interesting fence and thought about making an entire quilt of circles. I can see it in my mind's eye, lots of decorative stitching framed within each circle.

blog circle fence

Circles for inspiration

Along the bush line I studied the trees as I walked - so many different shapes and sizes.

blog murphys bush trees

Various shaped trees

I even saw a wild lily growing - definitely grounds for another quilt because you know how much I love to create applique flowers.

blog wild lilies

Wild lilies

... although, this did remind me of my Light Upon the Earth quilt.

The sounds of the birds were very refreshing after all that construction banging.

Sounds of birds

I walked down along the creek until the track disappeared into who knows where exactly at which point I diverted and headed back through the streets to get me back into familiar territory. Once through (only a couple of blocks) I continued along my usual walk path until I reached the all too familiar park. 

blog park

Looking toward the park

As I turned and crossed over the creek, I was confronted with a nasty cold southerly wind and by the look of the dark clouds building up over the hilltop, I thought it was time to high tail it back home. I did take one more photo though so I could pinpoint the highest point (circled in red) I'd walked from to the lowest point where I now stood.blog looking backup

With Home being off to the right of the photo and Murphy's Bush off to the left, I'd covered a decent distance and my headache had eased somewhat! Thinking about what quilting inspiration I had gathered on my way, I arrived home just as the first drops of rain hit the ground.

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  • That’s a great walk, feeling better now. Fresh air best medicine ????

    Posted by Helen Laing, 09/08/2021 7:54pm (1 year ago)

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