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If you follow along, you'll know what I've been doing over the last few weeks. If not, then I suggest you go back and read last week's blog post.

This week I took the process one step further. Instead of using an already made quilt, I made one to purposely cut up. This technique was so much fun that I actually forgot to take a photo of it before I cut it up! So unfortunately I cannot show you that, but I can show you the finished work.

amandas landscape

Canterbury Sunset

As I'm sure you can depict, the original quilt was a landscape, a sunset in fact. It's a scene we often see looking over the Canterbury plains from my daughter's house. I used fused pieces of fabric and then free motioned over the top. The contrast between these horizontal strips and lines works wonders when you make vertical cuts. It creates such an interesting composition.

Now if you look hard, you can also see the treeline which was the horizon line in the original quilt. Now that the horizon is jagged, it adds additional interest.

amandas landscape closeup

Treeline in landscape

I finished off the quilt with simple straight line quilting using a variegated black and white thread. I love the effect of how the black disappears and it leaves just random lines of white.

All that is needed now is a sleeve and hanging slat so my daughter can display it in her entrance... and for me to show the full process in my "Getting Started with Quilt Art" workshop.

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