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As I worked on some new blocks today for Autism month which I'll share in a bit, I thought this was the perfect time to share some previous posts on a different way to create these animal blocks.

The first block I wanted to share is the Tortoise. He looks great as an applique block...

and even better like this...

zentangle tortoise300

Zentangle Tortoise

The latter version was created in 2016, you can read about how this came about here: Mixing Things Up

It was two years later that I decided to give this Zentangle technique another try, this time on my dolphin block.

I wrote detailed instructions on what I did this time. You can see for yourself here: My Dolphin Zentangle

20zentangle stipple300

Zentangle Dolphins

I currently have 13 animal blocks....

and here is a sneak preview of the next two that will be available soon.

In Progress blog

New animal blocks in progress

PS: Check out this week's newsletter for the discount code on the 13 animals plus the option to get the two new blocks free.

Happy Quilting!

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