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Well I went to get out my quilt today so I could begin stitching and realized I had not brought a variegated pale blue thread with me which is really what I want for the sky. I could start elsewhere but I really prefer starting with the background as you would with applique.

What did happen this morning though is you know how you get those little messages popping up on your phone about what you posted years ago? Well one of those popped up and it was a quilt jigsaw and I thought to myself, I must do another one of those as they are fun and relaxing. The original site I used seems to no longer give you the ability to make them like I used to so I found another and decided to transform my Wild Flowers quilt into a puzzle - it is a landscape after all.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find how to embed the puzzle here on my blog without requiring some additional coding so for now it is a link and I'll update it when I get home on my computer where I'll have some quiet time to think. But do click through and be sure to use the full screen to get the whole picture otherwise one side will be cut short. How long will it take you?

PS: a cool thing I found out is you can do this puzzle in multi-player meaning you can have a friend join you and work at the same time. I haven't looked at how yet as I just saw the feature. Might just look that up though...

Have fun!

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