Quilting - Where to Start?

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It's great to be home again (after narrowly missing all the flooding that occurred over the weekend) to have access to my supplies.... and the first thing I did was to dig out my threads to find a variegated blue to quilt the sky of my landscape.landscape variegated thread

So are you wondering why I didn't start somewhere else on my quilt just to get started? The thing is, it is always best practice to quilt down the background area of the landscape first... the same as you do when adding applique pieces, you add the background pieces first.... and, if you go a little crooked, it's easier to cover over when it is stitched first. The other thing is you can do is stitch along edges to move from one line to the next (see in the photos below) knowing that edge still needs thread added. Of course, you don't want too much stitching in one place as it gets hard to stitch through... so keep that in mind.

Here's how I got on....

landscape beginning stitching

Beginning to stitch 

As I stitch, I aim to stitch along any raw edge.

landscape quilting sky

Varying the widths between each line and keeping them curved 

 I stitch up to, but not over the trunk and then down them a short way to begin the next line.

landscape quilting along trunks

Don't stitch over the trunks

On the other side of the trunk, I try to match line for line. It doesn't need to be 100% accurate, just enough to keep an imaginary line continuing behind the trunk.

landscape quilting matching lines

Imaginary lines behind the trunk

Today's progress has a little over half the sky quilted.

landscape quilting sky half completed closeup

Close up of sky quilting

landscape quilting sky half completedI can't sit long at the machine because my eyes get tired so my plan is to do a little each day this week and give you an update report to show you how I got on. Are you up to quilting anything?

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