Reset and Rearrange: the why and how

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Sometimes one just needs to reset. Resetting can come in many forms but today it is coming as clearing my space. When I'm creating, I get on a roll and I don't want anything getting in the way. Therefore things get pulled out and aren't put away, threads gathered from their container in case they might be useful, fabric scraps strewn across the table (and bed for that matter) not to mention the floor, things moved to make room for others..... and a bunch of other things!

There comes a point where there is just too much clutter and one needs to come up for air so to speak however taking the time to do this effectively isn't always available. With this in mind and the fact that my desk was positioned where the sun reflects in through the door which I'm quite sure is much of the cause of my tiredness, I decided I needed to reset and rearrange.

free software for quiltersNow my space is limited and I know I have rearranged before, some arrangements work and some don't and being the only one here, I don't want to be hauling heavy desks for no reason that's why I decide to arrange my space on the computer before actually moving anything. How? With open-software Inkscape (free downloadable software I teach how to use in Free Software for Quilters) - huh so it's not just for quilting but helpful for many things!

First I drew my space to scale then measured my furniture and drew blocks to represent those, also to scale. It looked something like this...

office arrangement1

Original arrangement

... and yes, it did take a little bit of time however much less time than just moving things around in the hope that they would fit and as a bonus, next time I want to rearrange, I have the file all set up to do so, saving time in the future. To make it easy to see, I also color-coded each piece of furniture.

With everything to scale, I started moving the virtual furniture around in the room and soon discovered what wouldn't work...

office arrangement2

My first thought - which didn't work

As you can see in the above arrangement, the cupboard and computer desk overlapped (top right) so this won't work. I'm sure glad I didn't attempt to move that corner sewing desk which is all one unit!

Moving a few things here and there, I came up with this arrangement3

You may have noticed I didn't attempt to move the bookshelf - two reasons for this. It is narrow enough not to protrude too far into the room blocking the entrance and there are no power outlets on that wall so neither the sewing nor computer desks would be able to be placed there anyway.

Benefits of my reset and rearrangement:

  • a tidy and more spacious room - well it certainly feels more spacious
  • no glare from the door
  • more foot room under my desk (computer box no longer lives there - it's the larger purple box in the lower right)
  • no cables to get tangled in (since the computer box and multi-board have moved out from under the desk)
  • a use for my extendable table (it used to sit at the end of my bed where it gathered the fabrics that were auditioned throughout the day - the pile would get quite high at times!)
  • a new table to house my printer (the extendable table that extends over the computer box so it's a space saver too)
  • and last but not least, a file to easily rearrange my office the next time I need to reset

If you'd like to rearrange your office or craftroom or even a stack of blocks you want to layout in a quilt design, you'll be able to learn how as I've done here today in my online workshop: Free Software for Quilters

free software for quilters

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