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Are you itching to check what's under my needle this week? If you've been following along then you know I'm working on a landscape - actually landscapes seem to by theme this year! I have to admit, they are fun.

So this week, I'm starting to put the background together - not to the stitching stage yet but getting closer. Let's take a look.

First I start with a backing and batting which will be cut larger than my finished piece.... and no, I haven't decided on the size yet - one of the beauties of art quilts.... Then I've added a base fabric to build on. I always find this easier than working directly on the batting however it does mean an extra layer to stitch through.

Remember, I'm ignoring the foreground trees at this stage as I'm just building up the backdrop. I find it easiest to fuse each piece, remove any backing paper, and then cut out the shape. This can be done totally randomly and only use the photo for placement.

Here are some progress photos.

artquilt construction1

Starting with the sky because it is the largest area

artquilt construction2

I'm focusing on the top left side which is where most white space is in my photo

artquilt construction3

Some ground is added along the bottom

artquilt construction4

A band of trees create the horizon line - I've added some vertical pieces too

Does this process remind of you something? It reminds me of paint stokes an artist might use to create a background - which you could totally do too. There are a number of things you could use from fabric paints to pencils, dyes, or crayons. Definitely room for thought and more ideas to explore!

I haven't pressed anything down yet - I like to leave these things a while to look at so I can make adjustments. Should I add more? or maybe remove some things? Remember this is only the backdrop! Looking and glancing at it every so often will tell me the answer. Be sure to check back soon as I work through this project.

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