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Today is the third day of our photo challenge and so far I've taken 101 photos or more. Ok, so I'm working on my new online class. The photos aren't actually for the challenge. Instead, I decided my challenge photo would be nothing to do with my class at all. I took a dinner break and thought dinner looked so good, I'd snap a shot and share it. And to keep it on the quilty theme, I set it on one of the table mats I made earlier this year.

Bouillabaisse for dinner

The table mats are easy and a great beginner's project. They are also a great way to learn the basic quilting skills such as quarter inch seams and rotary cutting. Today's quilting tip is: By learning the basic skills, you can make anything you want. My three basic skills in quilting are accurate 1/4" seams, accurate rotary cutting and good pressing. It might be a good idea to mention about now, that I have free how-to lessons for all of these at the Academy of Quilting, your online quilting center.

And you can find the instructions for the place mats here: Place mat instructions

Dinner looks great doesn't it? My favorite Bouillabaisse, the best Bouillabaisse around in fact. Ok, yeah. Let's add a little something to soak up that delicious juice. A garlic roll - and let's not forget a dash of wine to finish it off. So here is my real challenge photo.

Bouillabaisse with bread and wine


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  • Ok now I want to make these place mats and have a bowl of soup and a glass of wine LOL!

    Posted by Joyce Camp, 25/06/2012 10:18am (9 years ago)

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