Fusible Web Applique preparation

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Do you have your supplies ready to do fusible web applique? I hope so! If not, check yesterday's post. Let's get started by turning on the iron.

The first thing we need to do is draw the templates onto the paper side of your fusible web. Remember to use a sharp pencil for nice crisp lines. I'm going to draw them in two different ways. The first I going to draw as a whole flower because I will use one fabric for all the petals.

Drawing the flower as a whole - only 2 pieces needed

The second I will draw individual petals because I'm going to use different fabrics for the petals.

Drawing individual petals for this flower - 11 pieces in total

Next we need to cut them apart. Don't cut on the lines yet, just cut each section apart. If one or more sections go on the same fabric, you can leave those together. You can see I've left 5 petals together because they will all be cut from the same fabric.

Cut apart the fusible web and cut away any excess webbing

Next press the fusible (paper side up, webbing down) onto the WRONG side of the fabric. Everyone gets this part wrong at some point doing applique. It is so easy to accidentally press it on the right side. Be sure you have it on the wrong side so it can stick to the background fabric.

Press webbing to wrong side of fabric

Now you can cut along the lines of each individual piece.

and cut along the lines

On small pointed areas, only open the scissors as far as the point. Don't open the scissors further than that because chances are, you'll snip too far. It might not happen every time, but it will happen.

Only small snips into pointed areas

Now I have all the pieces cut out ready to add to my background.

Applique shapes all cut out

Let's do the easy one first - the whole flower. Remove the paper from the back to expose the fusible web. If you move it around under the light, you should see a shiny substance. That's the tacky glue which will adhere to your background fabric.

Remove the paper

Place the flower into the right position on your background. Be sure it is right, because once this is glued down, it's difficult to remove once we press it. Place a Teflon sheet (baking paper or parchment paper can work too) over the top and press it in place. The Teflon sheet will prevent any tacky glue getting on your iron. Trust me, you don't want that to happen!

Press using a Teflon sheet

Make sure all the points are pressed down well.

Petals pressed in place

Now its time to add the center. 

Petals pressed in place

Doesn't the center really make it look like a cactus flower? This will look even better when the stitching is added. We will get to that later.

Tomorrow I'll show you how to build up a flower using individual petals, that's a little different.


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