Joining Angled Intersections

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Yesterday I talked about half square triangles and how to make them. Today we are going to join them. Easy enough - just the regular 1/4" seam. The trick is though, to sew with the half square triangle on top.

So why do we do that? Simple answer, so you can see the connecting seams.

In the photo below (I enhanced the seam lines so they are easy to see) the black dashes show the diagonal seam through the half square triangle block. The red dashes show the seam between a plain block and the half square triangle block. The blue dashes is the last seam to be sewn. I have the half square triangle unit attached to the square on top and a plain square underneath that I'm joining to. I can see exactly where the first two seams intersect and sew through that point.

Sew through the intersection

After pressing the seam and opening it up, here is the result. Triangles with points!

Triangles with points.

And what happens if you don't sew through the connecting seams? Either of the following.

Cut off points

Floating points

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