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Yesterday I showed you the basics of fusible web. Today I want to show you how to make up a flower with separate petals. This allows you to make each petal in a different fabric - you get to use the smallest of pieces. 

So at this time, all your pieces should be cut out. You need the full size template, right side up, on your ironing board with your Teflon sheet over the top. You can see it right through the Teflon sheet. See my template?

All our pieces are cut ready to start with teflon sheet over template

Pick up the first petal, remove the paper backing and position it on top of the template. Press it gently in place. You only need to lightly press at this stage. If you are using parchment paper in place of a Teflon sheet, the petal won't stick to it, so be careful it stays in place.

First petal in place

Did you have a problem getting the backing paper off? Here is an easy trick. Use a pin to score the backing paper. You will easily be able to peal the paper away from the score mark.

Score paper with pin

lift paper from scored edge

Next place the second petal, overlapping the first slightly.

Second petal

And now the third....

... and third

Continue around the entire flower adding one petal at a time. Tip: when you have about 3 to go, position all three in place without pressing them. This way you will have room to adjust them a little if necessary to ensure they form a full circle. There will be a slight gap in the center of this design, but that is covered with the center piece.

all petals in place

Let's add that center now.

center of flower added

The wonderful thing about a Teflon sheet is that the pieces stick to it so they hold the shape of the flower. It makes creating the flower much easier. The fusible web isn't damaged nor does it melt or lose its stickiness. It will peel right off the Teflon and be ready to press onto your background.

peel off the flower


Now peel it off and place it in the appropriate place on your background.

add it to the background

Now that wasn't so hard was it? You can make some really wonderful creations with individual petals and flowers.

Next comes the stitching. What's your favorite method?

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