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Here are some simple things to do and use to help you with your quilting.

When quilting a large quilt, it is best to have your machine level with the table so the quilt isn't dragging over the edge. Of course, this isn't always possible, but an easy solution is to add some support around your sewing machine table to help prevent the quilt dragging. I use my cutting table behind the machine and my ironing board on the lower level setting, to the left of the machine. 

Support your quilt from dragging

With the sides of the quilt elevated like this, it is much easier to quilt especially with free-motion when you need to move it under the foot yourself. That extra drag can also be a strain on your arms and shoulders too.

A really good tool that most machines come with, is a knee lift. Have you used one?

Knee lift

It's a lever that you can insert into your machine so you can use your knee to lift and lower the foot.

Knee lift inserted in machine

This is great for quilting because you do not need to release your hands to lift the foot if moving to another area. You simply use the knee lift. This is also great when stitching applique, especially blanket stitch where you need to pivot around sharp curves and points.

I also have one of these on hand before starting any free-motion quilting or applique.

Quilt sandwich

It's a quilt sandwich made from the fabric and batting you are using in your quilt. It's always best to test your tension before starting and for free-motion, ideally you should do a little warming up before working on your quilt. 3-5 minutes is all it takes. You'll find your stitches forming better after this time, you are more relaxed and the quilting goes along much faster.

Do you have a favorite quilting tip you would like to share? Feel free to leave it in our comment area below.

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