Snowball Corners

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Today I was making snowball corners. A snowball corner is when you sew through the diagonal of a square and flip one half of it over to form a triangle. You can see me ready to sew through the diagonal in the photo below.

Use painter's tape (blue) as a guide

Usually you draw a line first so you have a guideline to follow, but I have a short cut. I stick a strip of painter's tape to my sewing machine so the edge is right inline with my sewing line. By making sure the point/corner of the square stays inline with the tape, I make a perfect seam. It saves drawing all those diagonal lines that most patterns call for.

Once the seam is sewn, I press the inner point of the square over so all corners meet. It makes the perfect triangle. You can choose to trim the under triangles away leaving a quarter inch seam or leave them in tact.  

Square with two snowball corners

Somewhere along this 30-day challenge, I'll be showing you just what I've been making with these snowball corners. Maybe you'll want to make it too. Stay tuned.

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