The First Official Day of Lockdown

Posted by on 26 March 2020 | 1 Comments

Well, here we are... last night at midnight we were officially in lockdown. My plan is to do updates, not every day but at least once or twice each week. I do hope to spend 15 minutes each day working on some part or page of a journal and my blog posts will be a great way to record it.... a diary almost. I'm taking it one day at a time so expect changes, thoughts, and ideas along this journey.

Yesterday, I pulled out my Silva Paintstiks...

Jounal2 paintstiks


No real idea what to do with them, but then I remembered seeing some images of how this virus might look so I based my drawing around that. I haven't done a great deal with these Paintstiks so I learned a number of things. I did know that I needed to peel off the wax coating first so proceeded with that.

I pressed Freezer Paper to the back to stabilize it for drawing.... then I simply drew/painted a filled-in circle... Wanting to add another color I thought to heat press it so the colors wouldn't mix too much and I discovered I much preferred the design left on the pressing cloth - which just happened to be another page of calico. 

Jounal2 painted

Left: painted area; Right: pressing cloth

I used this concept to create a possible background! 

To finish off, I added 205 for the number of cases we now have in NZ and around it I added some yellow to represent a sunny day. I think I want to reference these 2 facts each day in my journals. The date would be a good addition too.

Jounal2 facts

26th March: 205 cases

What else should or could I add?Jounal2 4

Shall I start a new page today or simply continue with this one? I feel the urge to quilt so maybe it's time to fire the sewing machine up.... or should I take a quieter approach and add hand stitches instead?

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  • Getting out the paint sticks is a good idea. I have some and have never used them.

    Posted by Jane, 27/03/2020 4:58pm (11 months ago)

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