Friday Flower Aquilegia

Posted by Ruth on 22 March 2013 | 1 Comments
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Aquilegia. I never knew until the other day that this was the real name for the flower I have always known a Granny Bonnet.  The word Aquilegia derived from the Latin word Eagle (aquila). It was named this because its outer petals resemble the claw of an eagle. The common name Columbine is the Latin word for dove. I never knew this either. The name Granny Bonnet was born because the flower looks just like a granny's bonnet - you know the kind, like granny had in the story Little Red Riding Hood.

Purple Aquilegias

The colors are so soft and dainty. I chose the pink colors for my block.

Pink Aquilegia

My flower looks like this. I have added small beads to add dimension.

Closeup of finished flower

My finished block has four flowers branching out from a single stem in the center.

Aquilegia Block

I almost forgot to add the dark outline stitch - wow what a difference that makes.

Aquilegia Block with outline stitching

You can download this aquilegia pattern on our website: Aquilegia Block

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  • Great flower - so hearty and comes in so many different colours.

    Posted by Jen, 24/03/2013 6:47am (9 years ago)

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