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With over 1400 species, Begonia flowers come in many different colors and shapes but I think their most interesting part is their leaves. Many have leaves that are outlined in a reddish color and others have wonderful red designs in them. When doing a search online, I saw some pretty amazing leaves that I think would make great quilts.

Earlier this year while out walking (I always take my camera with me) I saw these bedding begonias planted in a driveway. Their colors are beautiful, so of course I took a photo or two.

I decided for my block to edge my leaves with a reddish brown color. This meant I needed to cut two of each leaf, one green and one red. The green section being slightly smaller sat on top of the red. 

Instead of stitching my usual free-motion stitch around each edge, I used a zigzag free-motion to give a real jagged look.

I kept to the simple single flower like those in my photo using pinks and red fabrics. Each center is a trianglar shape which is topped with zigzag stitch again.

My finished block looked like this.

You can download the pattern for this Begonia block here: Begonia Block Download

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