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For the first flower of May I have a Clematis. The clematis is a climbing plant and their display is elegant. Most varieties produce a single flower however some have a double flower. The single flower can range from as small as 1" and up to 10". I haven't seen one that big but I'm sure it would be real pretty. I have seen quite a few different varieties though. The flowers are usually pastel shades of pink and purple or white but sometimes they can be brighter colors too. 

This pale pink New Zealand clematis stetches high up and produces a beautiful display of flowers.


I got a little closer to take this shot.


And then even closer to take a photo of a single flower.

Clematis single flower

Some of the clematis varieties have flowers with 6 petals so this is what I based my clematis block on. I also used purple shades to create it.

I added stitching lines to each petal to give it more definition.

Clematis flower stitched

I also stitched a zigzag free-motion around the center to make it look more realistic.

Closeup of center

Here's how my block came out.

Clematis block

If you'd like to download this block and templates, you can find them here: Clematis Block

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