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I have always know Digitalis as Foxgloves. I remember seeing them growing wild in the fields and believed I shouldn't touch them because they were poisonous, however I later found that medicines called Digitalin can be extracted from them which are used for treatment of heart conditions. Now they are grown in gardens like the one I snapped in this garden.

I used these fabrics to make up this flower block.

fabrics used for my flowers

This was the ideal fabric for the spotty inside of the flowers.

spotty fabric

Most of the flowers are made up of 2 or 3 part and joined together before I add them to the background block.

flowers made of 2 and 3 pieces

They are all numbered on the template to make it easy to follow. As I build each individual flower on my Teflon Sheet, I use the backing paper which is labelled with its number to identify each.

keeping track

As I was building the flowers, I noticed there wasn't always spots on the dotty section of the flower (like you see in the flower above) so I added some of my own with a fabric pen.

I added some extra dots

Here's how the block looks before the stitching is added.

block unstitched

Notice how the flowers stand out much better after I add a dark outline around each.

block unstitched

You can download the pattern for this Digitalis block here: Digitalis Block Download

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