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I was doing a little research on geraniums before starting this block and found there are 422 species. It's no wonder they all look a little different. They are usually seen in warm colors and their leaves are very unique making them easy to identify. Mum took a couple of photos of her plants while they were flowering.

Mum's geranium

Another of Mum's geraniums

I made my block pink too.

The leaves are made in two parts. I used dark in the center although in some plants it is the opposite way around. I used my light box to align the two pieces and draw in the stitching lines.

The lightbox helps to align pieces together

When stitching around the edges I sometimes drag the thread across to the next part needing to be stitched, this speeds up the process because I don't need to stop and start all the time. Sometimes however, I don't always remember to snap off the threads before taking the photo. 

Remember to snip off those threads - one goes right across the pink flower

Easy to fix....

Here is my finished block with all the threads snipped off.

Geranium Block

You can download the pattern for this Geranium block here: Geranium Block Download

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