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Helenium is not a common flower to me, but I love the shape of its petals. The flowers are usually yellow or orange. As I was doing some research on it and found out it is also known as sneeze weed. I found this fabulous photo on the wikipedia

Photo from wikipedia

I made my flowers yellow and I cut the flower as one whole piece. The petals could be all cut separately if you wish. 

flower cut as one piece

I built this one directly on the background but if I'd made individual petals, I would have built each flower first.

Once all the pieces were ironed in place, I drew in the stems as I planned to free-motion embroider those - that's much easier when you have lines to follow.

stems drawn

I stitched the flowers first.

flower close up after stitching

.... and the stems last. I used both light and dark thread for those to add dimension.

After all the stitching was complete, my block ended up like this.

Helenium Block completed

You can download the pattern for this Helenium block here: Helenium Block Download

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