Friday Flower Hydrangea

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This week's flower is a hydrangea. You most commonly see these flowers in blue but sometimes in a purplish pink shade, it depends on the soil type. If you see the blue flowers it is because they are growing in acidity soil. The following photo is one I found on wikipedia, but it reminds me of the hydrangeas I remember seeing in my music teacher's garden as a little girl.

Hydrangea flowers

I made my flowers blue. I had the perfect fabric that changes shade, thus my flowers were all slightly different. I used a dab of white paint for the center...

painted centers

...and then built the bouquet of tiny flowers up by placing the outer flowers first.

building the bouquet

I did find it rather hard to stitch around each flower but only because it was hard to tell where the edges of the fabric were under the foot. 

44 flowers form bouquet

I put four leaves on this block, each had viens stitched in them to finish off. Here's how it looks completed.

Hydrangea Block

You can download the pattern for this Hydrangea block here: Hydrangea Block Download

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