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Morning Glories have a trumpet shaped flower and grow on a vines. I have seen them mostly in shades of blue and purple, but they also come in yellow, white and red. Their name tells us all, they love the morning sunshine.

I've made Morning Glories before. Here is a small wall hanging I made a few years back called Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

My block is a little more detailed, but I did use similar colors for the flowers. The leaves are blueish green in my block whereas in the wall hanging they are more of a yellow green shade. Here's how it looks with the applique shapes attached.

Applique shapes attached

I used my favorite silver quilter's pencil to draw the vines and tendrils ready for embroidering. It isn't easy to see in the photo, but easy to see in person.

Draw on vines before layering

I like selecting the threads to use. I choose 3 blue/purple shades, 2 blue/green shades and a yellow/green for the base of the flowers. 

Selected threads

Two of the greens were rayon, one of which I used for the vines. Because rayon isn't as thick as embroidery cotton I needed to stitch over the vines and tendrils several times, but only once was necessary on the flower embroidery.

Close up

Here's how my block finished up.

Morning Glory block finished

You can download this Morning Glory pattern on our website: Morning Glory Block

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  • Wish you had a paper pattern.

    Posted by Joann Herring , 24/05/2018 6:33pm (3 years ago)

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