Friday Flower Poinsettia

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I have made many different poinsettia patterns for Christmas time including a stained glass poinsettia which I teach online. Today's block will also be a poinsettia. Here are some photos of the projects I've made.

For this poinsettia block it is a good idea to use many different red fabrics. I used eight different reds from burgundy through to red and pinkish red to give variation.

red fabrics

This design ended up with over 50 pieces so its quite detailed. After I had all the pieces pressed and cut out of the appropriate fabric I found it best to arrange them in order on the ironing board it make it easy to pick each piece up and place it on the background.

arrange sections

All the pieces are numbered in order so it is easy to construct.

using the guideline to construct the block

When everything is pressed on the background I selected four red threads, 3 green threads and a yellow for the centers.

threads selected

Then I stitch around each piece twice and added veins.

stitching complete

My finished poinsettia looks like this.

finished poinsettia block

You can download the pattern for this Poinsettia block here: Poinsettia Block Download

To see all my Friday Flower blocks visit: BOW flower blocks

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