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I am sure you knew I couldn't go too long without presenting a poppy block. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and I have made a number of quilts with poppies over the years. My first ever pattern was Poppy Day. It was designed for a class back in the 90's and then later became the first class taught on Quilt University. For the 10 year anniversary of Southern California quilt run I designed Scenic Paradise which had poppies and my most popular poppy pattern of all is California Poppies. Still a big hit and selling strong. I also have a free poppy block for those who register as a subscriber for our newsletter. I have ideas to make another poppy pattern soon.

So today our Friday Flower is a poppy. Poppies come in many colors but mostly red, orange, yellow and white.

Poppy Gardens

The red and orange poppies are my favorite.

Poppy closeup

Did you know, they can even be purple. My mother has these in her garden.

Purple Poppies

From these photos I created my new poppy design. It has three flowers and I made them in red. 

Once the design was made, I cut out all the pieces and pressed the onto the background. I liked the way this looked so no changes were needed. I went ahead and selected the threads to use.

Selecting the threads to match applique

One thing I like to do when stitching is to add a darker thread color around the pieces. This gives it more dimension. Compare the two leaves below. The first is stitched with thread in a slightly darker shade than the applique. The second has a dark outline.

Leaf stitched

Leaf outlined in darker thread

I did this with the sections and this is how the finished block looks.

Finished Poppy Block

You can download the poppy pattern on our website: Poppy Block

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