Friday Flower Sparaxis

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My mum sent me some photos of her sparaxis from her garden so I just had to make one in my block series. The colors are so vivid. She has two different sparaxis, a pink and an orange. I chose to make the orange color.

Mum's Sparaxis in pink

Mum's Sparaxis in orange

The flowers are made up of four main parts (although the three at the back of the block do have an extra piece as well). The four main sections are all different colors, orange, red, black and yellow. I press the sections together first before adding them to the background.

flower appliques

I added black stitch to define the yellow sections better as you can see in these before and after shots.

before black stitching

after black stitching

It makes quite a difference adding that stitching!

The whole flower looks like this...

flower stitched

... and the completed block finished up like this.

Sparaxis block

You can download the pattern for this Sparaxis block here: Sparaxis Block Download

To see all my Friday Flower blocks visit: BOW flower blocks


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