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Well today is the last flower block for my BOW program, but it is not the last flower to be made. Be sure to check in next week for two more flowers that are not listed in the BOW program. For the last BOW program flower I have a tiger lily. I had this flower scheduled for the last by request from my daughter as today, 27th December is my granddaughter's 2nd birthday. I made this one with lots of love for her.

Lilium Lancifolium is the correct name for this Tiger Lily. There are several other species of lilies that are also known as Tiger Lily, but this is the one I based my flower block on. This species of lily is native to northern and eastern Asia including Japan. I didn't have my own photo so included the wikipedia's photo which is licensed to being shared. There is more information about this on their page: Lilium Lancifolium

I made three flowers attached to the main stem for this Tiger Lily block with two buds at the top and small leaves extending out from the stem.

The stamen on each flower were rather fiddly to handle and I found it easiest to press a square of fusible web to the back of a black piece of fabric, remove the paper and then cut slithers off by eye, for the ends of the stamen. I used tweezers to handle these small pieces.

I used a black fabric pen to add the black markings on the front sides of the petals. I love the way the petals curl up around themselves.

All the flowers are stitched twice. The second stitching is darker which creates an outline to define them.

My finished block ended up like this.

You can download the pattern for this Tiger Lily block here: Tiger Lily Download 

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